Philanthropy-Arthritis awareness, advocacy and education

You may be surprised to learn that Arthritis is not a disease limited to effecting only adults.

At the age of sixteen Barbie Jones was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and told that she may never be able to walk again. Barbie is now a thriving healthy and vivacious businessperson, artist & designer. Miraculously, today Barbie is in complete and full remission. She has been able to compete in many races, marathons and an Ultra-marathon in the Carpathian mountains. She acknowledges that she would not have been able to achieve her goals and dreams without the inspiration and support of Arthritis advancements in research, awareness, education & advocacy and the healing grace of her Father God.

Barbie wants to help and also inspire other children and young adults afflicted with arthritis. “I want others to realize they can reach for their goals, not treating arthritis as an obstacle in their way, but rather…. I want them to recognize arthritis as something unique that will give them strength, tenacity and an enhanced perspective on life, revealing what is truly important”.

Arthritis Awareness Advocacy & Education

Vision: To become the world’s leading advocate of crucial arthritis research while developing and implementing programs which will educate, the collegiate community, state legislators and society at large about arthritis.

Fact Statement: Arthritis is not a disease limited to effecting only adults. There are 300,000 children in America with some form of arthritis or rheumatic disease and 70 million young adults between the ages of 18-44 who have arthritis, with millions of others at risk for developing it.

Mission: Initiate change and empowerment, which will radically better the lives of others, globally, through the camaraderie, compassion, communication, love, hard work and dedication of the women of Alpha Omicron Pi, the Arthritis Foundation, state legislators and community volunteers.

Objective: Create a greater awareness of Arthritis through leadership, education, and advocacy reaching the general population while specifically targeting the collegiate Alpha Omicron Pi communities and powerful state legislators, to specificaly help pass and enact Senate resolution 424 and House resolution 583; The Arthritis Prevention, Control, and Cure Act of 2005. Passing and enacting this ACT will help fund research, to improve lives, creating proper prevention, management and an eventual cure of arthritis. *